I want a lover.

I met you at the festival
I tried to hug you but you covered your eyes
I said it was fun to meet you
and then you started to smile

we went down the room
our hearts went boom-boom
you looked at me and smiled
I kissed you and just loved your style

Now it's three o'clock
only you and me around the block
I had my hands on you
digging down your tight jeans
your tongue in my mouth
trying to keep the words from coming out
you didn't care to know
who else may have been you before

I want a lover who isn't too late to love
I want a girl who's too sad to give a fuck
where's the kid with the chemicals?
I've got the money
if you've got the time
he said "it feels good"
I said "I'll give it a try"

Then my mind went dark
we both forgot who we once were
can't we just fight the crowd
I'd love you forever my sweet child

I want a lover.

You write such pretty words
but life's no storybok
Love is an excuse to get hurt
and to hurt
do you like to hurt?

Then hurt me.
Then hurt me.
Hurt me.


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